FREE 30 minute consultation to discuss any concerns schools or parents may have, ensuring that all support is appropriate to meet the need of young people.


OWL offer Intensive support, either one to one or group work, working with young people to identify different emotions and strategies to support in times of crisis.

Anger Management

OWL can support young people to identify their anger triggers and work together to identify strategies to help regulate their feelings enabling them to engage in their education.


OWL offer transition support from any age range to meet the needs of young people, either changing classes or schools or moving areas.

Bespoke Training

OWL can offer bespoke training to meet the needs of schools as required including Dinner Supervisor Workshop, Behaviour Management Workshop and Whole Class Support.

High Risk of Exclusion/Re-Integration

OWL can support young people and schools with behaviour that has reached crisis point, giving young people a chance to work on their behaviour to ensure that they are able to remain in school with their peers.

Wishes & Feelings

OWL offer intensive one to one support to enable young people to look objectively at their lives and identify areas that require further support and guidance either through stress, bereavement, anger, low self esteem or family breakdown.

Self Esteem & Confidence

Low belief in yourself has a huge impact on a young person’s ability to learn and enjoy their life. OWL can work with young people to raise their belief in themselves to enable them to achieve their goals.


Friendships are a powerful force that can support young people throughout their lives however any friendship breakdown can have a negative effect on a young person’s outlook and education. OWL can support young people to work together to build friendships in a positive way.

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